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We might live and work in the On-line age, but the humble business card remains one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools around. We started same day business cards printing service in Dandenong.

  • Thick, premium quality card stock
  • Vibrant full-colour printing
  • Gloss, matte or uncoated finish
  • Standard, square, slim or any custom size

Your business card is now more important than ever to make a memorable connection in a digital age.

Business cards are tangible and tactile; the opposite of the all-encompassing and yet untouchable online space. A good business card complements and enhances your online presence rather than competing with it by providing a real and lasting impression of your business identity. Your business card is something that people can touch, feel and keep.

A successful business card keeps information simple and tells the brand story in a tangible way

Business cards can be printed on our offset or digital printing presses as well as the more traditional methods like letterpress printing.

The colour, the card stock, the inks and finishes used, everything about a business card speaks about you and your business. There are extra finishes such as embossing, foil overprinting or raised printing that can add that wow factor to your business card.

And you shouldn’t forget about the reverse of the card, which also plays an important part in communicating about you and your brand through what it does, or doesn’t, include.

Business cards are all about making a positive first impression. A good layout of the required information is probably the most important thing. You must know how to position the different information into the correct layout. Good use of the space provided makes all the difference.

Embossed business cards Melbourne 

Embossed business cards are a luxurious and premium way to showcase your brand. When done correctly, they can convey a sense of sophistication and refinement that will impress your clients and colleagues. However, embossed business cards can be pretty challenging to design and produce.

An essential rule for a business card is less is more. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an ineffective card.

Business Cards Stationery

Business Card Etiquette

Below are some tips on business card etiquette. It is surprising the difference good etiquette has on the perception of your business. A bent out of shape business card pulled out of a wallet will never leave the same impression one carefully stored in a business card case.

  •  Make sure your card is crumple-free and without scribbled notes on the back.
  •  It’s not a poker game, so don’t fan your cards. Offer one only.
  •  Don’t stack cards for people to help themselves.
  •  Show interest when receiving a business card.
  •  Present your card face up.
  •  Only write on a card with the giver’s permission.
  •  Take time to read a card in front of the giver.
  •  If uncertain, say the name aloud so the giver can hear you pronounce their name.
  •  It is rude to put cards in your pocket before the giver has left the room.

Source: Stuart Nelson of The Business Etiquette Consultancy

Same Day Business Cards Printing Available.

We use thick premium quality stock. Full Colour Printing, Gloss & Matte finish and any custom size.

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